“One of the greatest responsibilities adults ever face is the protection of children under their care. That is a duty that falls heavily upon those who minister in the name of the Church because children are entrusted to us in so many ways – in schools, in religious education, in Scouting, on field trips, and in sports. Parents have a right to expect that their children are as safe as humanly possible in all of these situations.”

Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr

Protecting our young people is a top priority here at St. Henry. We adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in the Decree on Child Protection.

Notice To Current Volunteers:

Effective July 1, 2014, you MUST have completed the SafeParish Training & be current with the SafeParish Online Bulletins in order to continue to work with children.

To Be Approved To Work With Children You Must:

Attend a SafeParish Awareness Session and complete a background check.
Complete the monthly SafeParish Training Bulletins

To avoid having to pay for the background check up-front, St. Henry and BLS volunteers must
first contact Mary Ehret for a pre-paid token code, at 937-434-9231 or
Email Her here prior to registering.

Once you have your token, register for a SafeParish Session at www.aocsafeenvironment.org and use the passcode: protectcincy.

Make sure you have St. Henry Parish – Dayton as your Primary Location, or your token will not work.

You will be able to complete your background check as a part of the registration process.

Any questions about working with children and child protection, please contact Mary Ehret by Email here, our Safe Environment Coordinator at 937-434-9231 or Jennifer Zwiers by Email here.

Full text of the Decree on Child Protection, Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

View Updates on the Child Protection Decree for a summary of the changes.

Here at St. Henry we take the responsibility to protect our children very seriously. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone is well trained in this very important task, including parents.

Parents are the first teachers of their children; therefore they are the first level of defense, especially in the case of Child Abuse.

Although discussing child abuse with your children may be difficult for you, it is very important. Research shows that children whose parents and guardians talk to them about preventing sexual abuse are more effective at fending off assaults. Discussing such topics with children is perhaps the most important step a parent can take to protect his or her child.

The Archdiocese has put together a document to help parents in this most-important task of protecting their children called:
Parent Resources – Appropriate Boundaries

Please look this document over very carefully. The more you know about child abuse, the better you can protect your children from it. Again, we take the responsibility of protecting our children very seriously, but we need your help.