Each year hundreds of students receive a free or reduced-fee lunch at school and is often the only healthy meal they receive each day. Local teachers discovered that when students go home for the weekend, they may not eat again until school on Monday! To address this concern, we joined a collaboration of churches including Our Lady of Good Hope, St. James Lutheran, and Riverview Baptist Church to provide over 200-weekend meals to these students who would otherwise go without food!

Each church provides specific items that are included in the bags that are assembled, delivered, and given to children in need on Fridays before they go home.

St. Henry is responsible for collecting the following:

  • Single serving punch-top fruit cups
  • 5oz Vienna Sausages
  • 7oz Beanee Weenees
  • Foil packets of tuna or chicken

These items can be dropped off at Meals-for-the-Homeless sign-up or placed in the cart in the back of the church. Items can also be brought to the lobbies in Bishop Leibold School.

Participating churches take turns assembling bags and delivering them to schools. St. Henry assembles and delivers bags during the months of October and February, and the second week of May. Bags are assembled at Riverview Baptist Church in Miamisburg on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

This project is a wonderful opportunity for families, sports teams, or faith groups to be of service to the local community!

For more information and to get involved you can contact:

Cindy Hausman at 937-434-7870 OR Kathy Meyers at 937-859-4682!