City of Dayton Mask Mandate

View the full ordinance here

“All individuals within the City of Dayton shall wear a face covering over the individual’s nose and mouth in accordance with the following:

“When going indoors at a place of business that is open to the public, and while inside a place of business as to the areas within the place of business that are accessible to, and are intended for the use of, the public.”

Here’s when and where masks aren’t required in Dayton:

  • Any person who can’t wear a face covering because of a medical condition, mental health condition or developmental disability, or who is unable to remove the face covering without assistance, and any person who should not wear a face covering under the CDC guidance.
  • A person is not required to produce medical documentation of the condition or disability, provided an employer may require such documentation from an employee in accordance with state and federal law.
  • People under 6-years-old
  • Restaurants and bar patrons while eating or drinking
  • People when receiving dental services, medical treatments, swimming or in other settings where wearing a mask is not practical.
  • Outdoors or in an unenclosed buildings, such as open-air stadiums or concert venues.
  • While working out at the gym or similar facility as long as six feet distancing is maintained.
  • In a person’s individual work office, conference room or other workspace not intended for use by the general public.
  • People who are working as a public safety employee or emergency responder when wearing a face covering would interfere with or limit their ability to carry out official duties.