You’ve probably heard that a lot since you announced your engagement.  We look forward to celebrating with you on your wedding day when you give yourselves to each other before God in the sacrament of marriage.

As our gift to you, we have an engaging program of experiences designed to help you grow in your love for each other and to see your love as a beautiful extension of God’s love for you.

To make sure you are able to schedule the date you want for your wedding, please call Fr. Jim Romanello directly at least six to eight months in advance.  He can be reached at 937-434-9231.

For options on the readings for your wedding, check out the link below.

Reading Choices For Your Marriage

Be sure to record the number from each reading and the file it came from.

For information on music options for your wedding, click here.

Other Resources for Matrimony

Video: Sacraments 101: Matrimony: Why Make It Catholic – Busted Halo

Praying in Marriage – Busted Halo podcast #187